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  • Gaurav Chaudhary


Basically we can't fool a machine so the methods or tricks that we use to get a remote access or access of a machine by finding loop holes in the work of other person or human is called as hacking.

Hacking itself has its own kind like web hacking , android hacking , Carding.

And Each of these has there own methods like phishing , backdoor , payload etc.

And the people who do hacking are known as hackers.

There are three type of hackers-

1.White hat hacker -The one do hacking for legal and professional purpose.

2.Black hat hacker - The one who does hacking for harming others for their own profit.

3.Grey hat hacker - These are immature people who does hacking for fun purpose.

These hackers are also divided in sub Categories -

1.Script Kiddies - The one who only knows how to use the tools for hacking purpose.

2.Elite hackers - The one who make their own tools and know what is going in on the background.

3.0 Day Hackers - The one who build or make fresh exploits.

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