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  • Gaurav Chaudhary

What are the requirements for becoming a hacker?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The basic requirements for becoming a hacker are -

1.Good knowledge of networking

A good hacker should know how the things are working in an network or on internet.

Some basic terms to learn are how internet and servers work.

2.A good hand on Linux

A good hacker should have a good hand on linux terminal or CLI so as to use linux tools.

3.Little bit knowledge of programming languages

Knowledge of programming is required as programming helps a hacker to find exploit in the work of developers and use them for their own purposes.

4.A android or laptop with Good Internet connection

The other most important thing is to have a android or laptop and good internet connection although hardwork is the most required thing in network but still an android or laptop is enough if you have a good knowledge.

5.Great desire to learn

Learning never ends and for hackers never means never ever.

6.Patience and Hardwork

Success never come crawling you hardwork can only achieve it.A hacker never gets

success in one click or go. Practice is the only thing with make a person able to call himself or herself hacker.

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